The State of Standard–Dec. 2014

The Standard metagame continues to fluctuate.  Decks that were good have continued to evolve–and still show up, and new ones continue to crop up.  Reanimator has come on  strong over the past few tournaments.  Whip of Erebos (no real surprise here) has become an important tool in this strategy.

Jeskai continues to stick around, but what the ‘best Jeskai Ascendancy deck’ is remains to be seen.  Right now, the answer seems to be avoiding going all in on the Ascendancy combo plan, and operate like a tempo deck for the most part.  Since it operates as a tempo deck, Hordeling Outburst has found yet another home.

Many of the successful control decks appear to be UB in construction.  Going 1-for-1, refilling your hand with Jace’s Ingenuity and the like, resetting the board or removing hard-to-deal-with threats using Perilous Vault, and finishing games with Pearl Lake Ancient.  There are plenty of exceptions to the rule, however.

Standard has become quite an open format.  Play any deck type you wish to, and you will have a reasonable chance against anything.  It’s refreshing to see such changes.  Here’s hoping things continue in that direction.

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