Off Topic: OWN Interview with Lance Armstrong

Many love to hate him, despite his recent public confession.  Even by his own admission, this apology came late.

Lance Armstrong has cheated, bullied, lied, and sued his way through life.  His career and life have all been a huge ruse.  Livestrong has raised $500 million for cancer research, but no dollar amount could undo the damage he has wrought in his grand design.  Is there any hope for his redemption as a public figure?  I believe there is; after being humbled, there is always the possibility of redemption.  Armstrong’s attitude, mannerisms, and tone during the interview all seemed indicative to me of a humbled man.  

The only reason I bring this up is because I know what it is like to do horrible things that violate my own set of morals and later wonder who that person was.  It is the human condition.  If human history is any indication, Armstrong has a good chance at recovering from this, in spite of living a lie throughout his career.

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