My MTG webapp is almost ready!

I’ve been working on this project for a few weeks now… I’m currently unemployed, so I’ve had plenty of free time.  Probably not the best use of my time, but it has been a pretty good learning experience.

It’s hacked together, it’s not pretty, and the analysis tools are pretty basic, but I’m still pretty excited about it.  I was looking to create a different kind of deckbuilding tool that took into account the result of playtesting.

There are hiccups (like accidental javascript closures that cause some unintended data ‘memory’ that can mess things up), layout issues, and features are not implemented, but have buttons in the menu for them.

Once polished up a bit more, it will be posted on another subdomain of this site ( or something similar).

I’d love some feedback and suggestions once it’s up.

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