Minor changes, a potential migration, and a new article series

I have been contemplating a move to WordPress for some time now because it has a lot of the more powerful features available to it.  Performing this move would be a bit of work for me, but it would probably be worth it in the long run.

I have also decided to switch to Gatherer as the site I will link to in articles when I mention specific cards (e.g. Lotus Petal).

When trying to put together a Pauper cube, I had a terrible time rounding out the red in it.  I couldn’t decide if I had enough burn spells or if I had too many, and had trouble with the higher end of the curve.  This got me searching for information and thinking a whole lot about set and card design, as well as card evaluation.  My search yielded a wonderful bounty, which will serve as a base for this article series about some of Magic’s most infamous cards and decks:

1. Black Summer: Darkness Reigns
2. Land Tax: A King’s Ransom at a Minimal Expense
3. If Others Have Illusions of Grandeur, Perhaps it IS Better to Give than to Receive

and more! (Might submit some of them to EssentialMagic.com or perhaps other sites)

Here, you can find one of my main sources if you wish to get a head start.

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