Avacyn Restored Release on MTGO was Sunday?!

I completely missed the Avacyn Restored release apparently… I have been busy with Diablo III and trying to find a job.  I’ve had a lot more luck with Diablo III… Finished Hell difficulty the other night.  Inferno is… bonkers.  An entirely different ballgame.

Anyways, I’ve re-assessed things a bit, and I might be continuing with the Mono-Blue Delver project.  Delver is not a terrible deck right now, and I really like my chances against decks playing Wolfir Silverhearts.  The deck will still need some tuning.  4 Invisible Stalkers and 4 Runechanter’s Pike seem correct, even in the face of cards like Curse of Death’s Hold and Black Sun’s Zenith.  I’d like more answers to it than just Grand Architect and the already stretched thin Mana Leak, but the metagame may dictate that little more is warranted.  I toyed with the idea of using Spectral Flight instead of Runechanter’s Pike so my Invisible Stalkers get the benefit from Favorable Winds, but that seems incorrect… Too much has to happen for that interaction to be useful and it doesn’t have the raw power available in Runechanter’s Pike.  I’m still undecided on what I should add to finish out a long game.  Mill may be the way to go about it since it doesn’t involve attacking at all.  Increasing Confusion is an interesting card for this purpose.  Most of the time, it will make an equipped Runechanter’s Pike threaten lethal immediately, but it can polish off opponents almost on its own given enough time.  To couple with it, a card that made me giggle at how bad it seemed when I saw it in the Innistrad spoiler: Dream Twist.

I agree that mill is not the most effective possible way to win a game of Magic.  However, further enabling my primary route to victory while allowing for an alternate route in case the game goes late is something I want this deck to be capable of.  For this type of list, I will be moving back up to 23 lands and probably going for a slightly more controlling build.  That means Dissipate will probably make it back in.  Milling myself also makes my Snapcaster Mages all that much better.  Consider this slightly improbable scenario:  I finished my sixth turn and I was fortunate enough to have hit every land drop thus far (yeah.. probably not a good idea to keep 5-land hands, but with Runechanter’s Pike and Invisible Stalker?… tough call, at least in my opinion).  Unfortunately, my opponent is attempting to resolve a Curse of Death’s Hold and I have no way of dealing with it at the moment and he knows it (Gitaxian Probe).  I do, however, have Dream Twist in hand along with a Snapcaster Mage.  I cast Dream Twist, manage to find a Mana Leak, cast it off of Snapcaster, and my equipped Invisible Stalker lives.

Oh, and if you decide to use something similar to the deck I’ve described, I’d like to know what kind of results you had if you don’t mind.

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