GP Louisville brews

This, or some variant thereof, is what I REALLY want to play…. Grindy, durdling, slow, control…  Something with Ral Zarek… I liked him from the moment they spoiled him… His ultimate is unpredictable.  Awesome at some points, and completely worthless at others.  His other two abilities are really solid… -2: deal 3 damage to target creature or player.. You can do that twice without ever using his +1… Pretty good value even at that, particularly against aggressive strategies.  I really like his +1 too…  If you want him to, he sort of costs 3 mana instead of 4.  The ability to untap a land every turn provides so much more flexibility and control over your manabase.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in some 3-color decks in the coming months.  The “tap” component of his +1 ability lends itself very well to aggressive strategies, so a deck that’s a little less top-heavy might end up being the way to use him.  In the control mirrors, however, the tap ability can be used to force the opponent to be more careful about how he spends his mana, so that he leaves mana up for counterspells.
Red Deck Wins is super-efficient, beastly, and performing really well.  It’s also the largest part of the metagame.  I don’t like netdecking.  I die a little inside while looking at decks online.  They are good lists… Just something  about playing other people’s decks unsettles me.  Maybe I’ll get over it eventually.

Might just say fooy on it and play what I want to since I’m going mostly for fun, and for the opportunity to connect with non-Christians.

BR aggro is another consideration.  There are a billion ways to build it, and I haven’t been able to thumb my nose at any of them.

White Weenie hasn’t been performing well (at least not that I’ve seen… and I haven’t seen much), but there’s a really, really good 75 in there somewhere.

The deck I definitely don’t want to be on this GP is GW aggro.  EVERYONE running control is running Ratchet Bombs it seems…  Fleecemane Lion was one of my favorite cards in Theros, but with good sweepers in the format, I feel like the 2-for-1 potential of that card drops significantly.  Sure, it’s possible, but the rest of your board is still gone.  Think I’d prefer playing a different deck regardless.