Theros Card Review: Satyr Hedonist

This, along with Burning-Tree Emissary can offer G/R decks a lightning-quick start.  Expect this to see play.  The mana cost is right on, his power/cost ratio is solid, and his ability to accelerate to up to 5 mana at turn 3 is INSANE (even if it is single-use).  This is exactly the kind of two-drop you want to be playing in aggressive decks.  I’m really looking  forward to seeing what this card will do when it comes out.

The International 3 is over

Congrats to the TI3 champs, Alliance!  After soaring through the winner’s bracket with ease, they faced 2011 International champions and 2012 runner up, Natus Verince.  After stomping Na’Vi in game 1 when Na’Vi’s super-aggressive lineup couldn’t find any kills, they dropped two games in a row.  However, they battled back and won two in a row.  The final game of the series appeared to be strongly in Na’Vi’s hands, but overextensions cost Na’Vi dearly.  However, the game was decided on the back of Alliance’s superior split push lineup, and excellent play from Alliance’s Puck (who was completely starved for farm in the early part of the game), who caught Na’Vi trying to teleport back to base, and cancelled several of them.  Great game, fun tournament!