Modern Masters and thoughts on the Modern format

Modern was the realm of broken combos, and there are still plenty of them to go around.  However, ‘fair’ decks have found their stride, and can compete with Splinter Twin, Scapeshift, and others.  Bronson’s Loam Aggro deck is just one of those.  As far as power level is concerned, the deck is extremely potent.  Drawing cards, making land drops, repeatable discard, repeatable burn, and creatures that grow bigger and bigger.  A recipe for a pro tour winning deck if there ever was one.

For Modern Masters, modern card prices will go down.  However, the prices for big money cards in the top decks will not go down appreciably.  I have read this in other blogs and web pages, and I think I agree with it.  The demand is so high and the print run is so low that prices will remain high.

In other news, I am going to toy with Delver in modern, assuming I can get my Windows 8 computer to run MTGO, and after I get done growling at it using my best Phil Boseman impression.

Disrupting Shoal is a shoe-in since the deck will be running a ton of  2 cmc blue spells.  The 3 cmc slot has been the hardest for me to fill.  Jace Beleren seems really good.  Drawing 3 cards for 3 mana is something I can get behind, but outside of that, I’m a bit stuck.  I only have 2 Jace to add.  I might acquire a few more since he probably will go down a bit due to the changes occurring in the Legendary rule.  Using him as a counter to an opposing Jace the Mind Sculptor kept the price a bit inflated.  Sea Gate Oracle also, perhaps?  I want something that can survive a Lightning Bolt, but that may be the role of a 2 drop.  Wish me luck; I suck at this.

For those of you interested, many card stores are having Modern Masters release parties.  I am planning on attending one Saturday.  I thought about buying a box, but at $200 at the event, it is still above my price range.  I will do a draft or two, though.